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Messages for Jessica:

  1. Anna Lum

    Ten years ago today we celebrated Jessica’s 25th birthday that we knew would be her last. Today we post here in her memory. Life for her parents went on without her. But we never cease to remember her. We thank all her friends and family for remembering her as well. Some have checked in with us and kept in touch, warming our hearts. One young person’s comment stood out. “Whenever I get up in the morning not feeling like going to work, I think about Jessica and how I get to do this.” And so we treasure our lives we are given each day as a gift from God.

  2. Janice Tamburino

    Who is this, whom I have come to see?
    Dark, dancing eyes and long black hair.
    A smile with questions at the corners.
    Simple and graceful, yet,
    Unhesitant with truth,
    Sincere and honest and innocent enough
    That she got inside my head and my heart and
    Caused in me, a quiet change.
    Perhaps, because of her easy confidence
    In the face of unspeakable heartbreak,
    I have become more insightful and
    More thoughtful by knowing her.
    I have come to value this small package of
    Gracious Courage opening before me.
    In small and subtle ways I discover her story.
    The times when she is at peace, when
    I can see into the heart of this woman
    She shows me strength
    Derived from Dignity.
    I learn how she
    Compels her will to comply to
    Her commands. And
    I witness a keen bravery
    Few could know.
    I wonder what other gifts
    She secretly keeps within.
    A dynasty of ancestors
    Enclose her with adoration
    And I regard with awe the depth of
    Affection in which she rests.
    In the times when I can see
    Into the heart of this Woman
    I am privileged to share with her
    A searching intimacy.
    In that moment, when eyes,
    One of the other, meet
    And fasten in friendly confidence,
    We understand at once that
    Our mortality is jointly bound.
    But, it is she, alone,
    Who has roamed the
    Tender paths of sorrow.
    And it is she
    Who keeps watch on her heart and
    Protects it against the
    Lamenting Affliction.
    In the face of
    Unceasing discomfort
    She declares a life of
    Truth and Beauty.
    And in the times when
    I greet the heart of this Woman,
    She allows me to discern
    A quiet devotion to
    Her Own Singing Heart.

    Janice Tamburino, RN


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